Full Moon Lodge Ollantaytambo
Our sunroom — where dreams become reality

Services Fit for Royalty

At Full Moon Lodge you will be attended by our superbly trained, english-speaking staff to the extent that you may well forget that you are a tourist traveling through rural Peru, and not a Duke or Duchess in Elizabethan England. Our services include:

  • hot showers 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
  • private bathrooms in every room
  • beds so comfortable they could make a puma purr
  • free breakfast
  • clean water
  • wifi internet in every room to satisfy your technological needs
  • nice big yard engineered for optimal relaxation
  • incredible view of the countryside and the incan ruins of Pinkuylluna
  • helpful, english-speaking staff
  • transportation and tours
  • a sense of spiritual well-being
  • parking in our spacious garage